Through experience, research and learning from decades of entrepreneurship and sales management across multiple sectors and platforms, we have a true understanding of how competitive and saturated industries have become. It’s no secret there are more small businesses that make up the U.S. economy than ever before, and that is growing rapidly. Our deep-rooted passion comes from multiple experiences, hard-learned lessons and the ability to figure out solutions to problems many small businesses have. It's our mission to build a company to create affordable, customized solutions for small businesses to help them in areas from start-up, and through delicate phases of growth. When you become a client of Newfangled Consulting Solutions, you’ve proven how wise you are! Comprehending how crucial it is to stay ahead in this era of supercharged sales is the first step to the success of your future…and time is of the essence!


Think about the problems you have with websites, especially mobile websites. They are often slow, need constant internet connection, and don’t “feel” as good as a native app. Well, this might soon change with the arrival of Progressive Web Apps. If you haven’t heard of PWA yet, have a look at this page from the Google Developers website. A PWA is basically a next generation web app that allows for more engaging, native-like interactions on mobile and desktop.

Some of the features that make Progressive Web Apps much better than the web apps we know today include:

• Capacity for offline use

• Home screen launcher

• Full screen mode

• Camera

• Push notifications


How do PWAs perform compared to native mobile or desktop apps? With PWA, you can simply use a search engine, a URL, or an ad-link to get to the app, and start using it straight away. No app stores, no downloads, no installations. This is a huge improvement in discoverability. But probably the biggest advantage of Progressive Web Apps is that you have a single codebase to support ALL platforms to help your business.

Also, as new features and updates come out, there is no waiting. Literally, all updates, bug fixes, and anything else added to make them better will be an instant process that just happens. You don’t have to do a think except enjoy the features that are helping your business grow!

Our purpose

At Newfangled Consulting Solutions, we seek to partner with you to develop an ongoing learning program focused on solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your organization, and long-term focus on a methodology of continuous improvement. Our approach is different than that of a typical large consulting practice, and the cost of our services are a fraction! 

Now that we are offering complete packages of customized mobile web apps, we feel we are truly helping small businesses and various organizations keep up with technology in the most seamless ways.


Scott Fischer - Founder


We develop stunning mobile web apps customized and tailored to fit any small/medium sized business or organization
— Scott Fischer - Founder - Newfangled App Solutions

We’ve discovered this virtually untapped market, and are utilizing our professionalism, knowledge and instincts from decades of experience to help businesses create solutions that are life-changing in many cases. We believe that a strong continuous learning model starts with having the right mindset, culture, and true understanding of your needs and learning environment. We pay close attention to all phases of learning –– before, during, and after –– and constantly plan and identify opportunities to reinforce, develop, and apply knowledge to help take your business to the next level and help you to achieve the highest returns on investment.