Should a small business hire a consultant?

To reach your business and financial goals, you need an effective sales function. That means having more than just sales reps. In addition to the right people, you need effective processes, updated technology that’s fitting for your business, and a supportive sales culture. Larger companies with upwards of 12 sales professionals typically have a highly-experienced sales manager to keep that many people performing at a high level. However, the thousands of small/medium sized companies that employ 10 or fewer sales professionals (Most of which don’t have high-performing sales teams) struggle with keeping a structured, effective sales process that sales people adhere to. Salespeople want/need tools, on-going training, effective CRMs and efficient processes and a culture they enjoy. But, it’s difficult to justify paying the six-figure salary for the caliber of sales manager a smaller business typically wants and needs. Multiple studies, research and my own personal experiences as a business owner of multiple companies clearly demonstrates that businesses with sales teams comprised of 10 or fewer don’t have an effective or consistent solution in place that will properly train and manage their sales force. Since this is a problem for so many businesses, the demand for a solution has arrived!

Now, there are true professionals that have owned businesses and have decades of experience that keep up with the latest trends in all areas of business, technology and constantly changing market shifts in a wide array of industries. These are newfangled business consultants that specialize in being an outsourced solution for sales management, marketing, implementation of effective sales functions and processes among multiple other areas.



These professionals are known as fractional sales managers, outsourced business consultants and/or part-time business consultants that business owners can hire on a part-time basis (typically a half, or full day on-site every week) which of course means you pay a fraction of what a highly skilled full-time employee would cost. There are multiple benefits to hiring these pros beyond securing a low-risk, affordable solution to getting your sales team to start performing as an actual team. Rather than hire an under-skilled individual, or attempting to be business owner/sales manager/problem solver/stressed out 24/7…any business owner that can relate should schedule a free consultation to see if outsourcing an affordable business consultant is a good fit for your company. If you don’t have structure, organized operations or not maintaining effective processes…you need to change that! Businesses that have adopted this concept have seen miraculous results, and most didn’t even know such people existed.