Why is adopting technology, and welcoming change so difficult for smaller businesses?


People don't like change. Especially business owners that are making money doing things the way they've been doing them for years. However, no matter how family oriented your staff is, there will come a time in which you will begin losing business to your competitors because you chose NOT to adopt, adapt and improve your business. Right now, markets are shifting all around you faster than they ever have. I was told by one business owner that they were too small for a CRM. I asked him if he could tell me where the leads came from for the past ten jobs they did? Before he could answer, I asked if there is anything in place that keeps all the sales leads, contact made with potential clients or if really good leads were being followed up on? I didn't want to make anyone mad, nor did I want to say what I was thinking because I'd have zero chance to ever speak to him again. However, if you think you're business is too small, or you don't need to manage 5 sales reps with a CRM that is fitting for your industry and operation...PLEASE reevaluate things. It's even more crucial for a small business to adopt a CRM because if you lose one or two of your sales people, chances are you'll lose all of the leads, potential deals and contacts. Technology, CRMs, automated marketing and operating based on insights and trends that are measurable isn't expensive, and you can outsource someone to implement, train and manage it all for half the price of one of your sales reps. Most business owners don't know that this is an option, so please spread the word if you took the time to read this?!

Having effective, proven and repeatable processes will create efficiency, allow new hires to ramp up faster while lowering your chance of turnover. 

Well, this is much easier said than done!


Leveraging technology coupled with effective processes in place gives you a significantly better chance at getting newly hired salespeople to adapt and start producing at a faster rate. It requires a specialized group of people, along with effective processes, to be successful.

Once you’ve hired a salesperson, you can’t leave it to chance that they are going to succeed. If they don’t perform well, it may not be their fault. They need the type of training that will improve their product knowledge and refine their sales skills. That’s why you need someone in place who can provide both initial, and ongoing sales training. It’s essential to have sales managers and mentors who can guide your salespeople to success. However, you must have a team that communicates and cooperates for everyone to perform at their highest level. Hiring an outsourced sales manager/marketing expert that will be a consistent support system will give your sales team the autonomy that most salespeople want! But, at the same time it will still hold them accountable for daily activities ensuring each salesperson is utilizing the CRM platform. This will allow business owners to see real-time progress of the sales cycles and performance of each sales person simply by looking at their hand-held mobile device. This also frees up quite a bit of time on anyone trying to keep up with what each person does everyday. I’ve yet to hear of a “high performing” sales team that didn’t have proven, repeatable processes.  And, without someone to reinforce effective communication with ongoing training and individual coaching…overall performance will spike downward.


Scott FischerComment