becoming acquainted W/New Technology

    • We seek to help you increase revenue both in the short term and the long term. We comprehend that you don’t have the luxury of only focusing on tomorrow nor of exclusively focusing on today. As business owners, you need to be engaged in a long-term plan to continuously improve the performance of your organizations, and that’s what we allow you to do.
    • We consider it our duty to challenge your thinking, when necessary, to push you to focus on continuous improvements rather than one-time events.
    • We know the importance of adapting early to the right technology, not waiting until EVERYONE else has it. Our thinking is that we can meet you where you currently are, and offer solutions that grow and change with you.


    • Our reach and depth across industries, and our network of advisors affords us a unique perspective in not only providing the best practices in development, but also recognizing the biggest roadblocks to achieving long-term, sustained improvement.
    • To achieve optimum performance, your sales and learning teams must be connected and in sync. We bring deep expertise in both sales and learning –– and more importantly, in how to connect sales and learning in a sustained, performance-driven effort.
    • We bring a unique approach and perspective in how to create and deliver training solutions, and proven repeatable selling processes that are tailored to your business, industry and company culture. Once we achieve the implementation of everyone adhering to the same playbook and processes, your sales department will be running like a well-oiled machine. The best part is that you will own these processes, allowing you to utilize these proven and repeatable solutions for years to come.

    Strategy through Analytics & Insights

      • Knowing what is working and what is not working is the first step to improvement. Having the ability to learn analytics and insights about what variables are working and not working is huge. The old-school way of figuring things out through substantive quantitative data gathered by assessment isn’t necessary now because of technological advances.
      • Being able to see how much each client is spending on a weekly/monthly/annual basis is powerful. Seeing how many customers are sharing your App, and through what avenues is powerful information. Learn what times of each day/week/month/year is helpful, but learning WHY is more important. 
      • Improve customer/client retention by learning what your customers want based on their buying habits. 
      • What has always worked in the past, will not work today! If you’re not aware of what you’re paying for each lead, from each source, how do you know what’s working and what’s not?


      1. Native Features & Capabilities

      The first step towards transforming HTML5 web apps into progressive web apps was to add native capabilities. By adding core native features like loyalty, food ordering, m-commerce and review campaigns, the web app become an even more “dynamic” platform. Instead of serving as a mobile website, it now engages and interacts with the users just like a native app. Customers won’t even know that they are on a progressive web app, as it looks identical to the native apps they have become accustomed to.

      2. Speed Improvements

      It was important that progressive web technology provided a superior experience, even when users didn’t have the fastest internet connection. Therefore, PWAs received a speed upgrade, allowing them to perform faster than ever before. The performance and loading time of PWAs now provide the best possible experience to end users. The PWA loading time has seen up to a 400% increase!

      3. Push Notification Support

      We have seen some exciting progress on push notifications too. In addition to support on Chrome, we’ve added browser-only support for push notifications on Firefox and Opera. We are now waiting on Apple to launch service workers, in order to enable push notifications on Safari as well. Anticipated by January 2018.

      4. Promotional Kit

      Making an app successful goes beyond the technology, therefore we created an in-store physical promotional kit to ensure you direct customers to use your web app solution. Our flexible promotional kit allows you to customize your flyers and posters to launch straight to the PWA home screen, a specific App feature, or customer URL. It also includes a staff trainer poster to ensure your employees are geared up to promote the app efficiently to customers. As a result, you will be able to promote your Progressive Web App in your establishment with physical material.

      5. Desktop & Tablet Layouts

      With our Progressive Web App, we wanted to provide the most complete solution to date. This way small businesses can use our product as a one-stop shop. For this purpose, our team developed desktop and tablet layouts for PWAs so that a small business can implement it for both their desktop website and mobile website – alongside their mobile app. It creates a cross-device app-like experience for customers, i.e. a seamless and unified digital presence. Even more noteworthy is that you don’t have to do anything to get your PWA desktop-ready. Once we create the app on our app building platform the corresponding desktop version is instantly available. There are no extra steps needed to undertake.

      6. Performance Upgrades

      As PWAs are enabled by the web, making sure they perform well across the globe was important for international customers. Our progressive technology was optimized to perform efficiently from anywhere in the world. Anyone is able to easily use and operate PWAs using standard cell service connectivity.

      7. Custom Domains

      One recent development is the ability to map your PWA with any domain. What does this mean for your business? You can use your own domain to point to our Progressive Web App, instead of redirecting it to our URL. You can use your current domain in order to replace your desktop and mobile website with your new PWA. You can also use a subdomain that points to the PWA for your mobile presence. We’ve also added SEO tools to help you get found on search engines like Google and Bing.


      •  Marketing automation solutions
      • Team selling
      • Social Media 
      • Lead generation
      • Lead nurturing
      • Appoitntment Setting
      • Geofencing Technology
      • Push Notifications
      • Direct Food Ordering
      • B-Commerce
      • Instant Updates